2. September 2016

Have fun and get chills

I had a couple Shootings the last few weeks.
They were not alike at all - we went to so many different places, used different lights and styles. It was quiet exciting.
This is my favorite session of all. I absolutely love the sun, especially when it sets.

In general I had an awesome summer this year. I experienced so much- it was a blast, really.
For the first time I felt like everything was right.
I'll tell you more about it in my next post.

15. August 2016

Dreams are awesome when you follow them, until you reach them

Had a Shooting with Robert Müller-Rhein (Instagram: r0br0bsen) last week. It was really fun (but also cold :D). We experimented with lights in the dark.

23. Juli 2016

Travelling fills your heart.

Last week my boyfriend and I went to London for a couple days. It was awesome.
Enjoy the pictures. My fav was the insidertip of our hosts (booked with Airbnb). It was a rooftop at the end of the street from where you can see whole London. To get up there you needed to go through a pink stair way. It was kind of creepy and funny and breathtaking.
Enjoy the pictures.

6. Mai 2016

Frühling ist ja auch immer so ein bisschen Ahoi Brause im Herzen.

 Am Wochenende war ich mal wieder mit Janis unterwegs. Im Gepäck hatten wir dieses mal die Mode von Caroline Schaefer. Hier ein kleiner Einblick.

Photocredit:  Jans Brinkmann
Web:  www.janisbrinkmann.de
Instagram:  @janisbrinkmann

Fashion:  Caroline Schaefer
Web:  Caro-Lines.de
Facebook:  Caro Lines

13. März 2016

You are not free until you have no need to impress anybody.

Photo Credit: Janis Brinkmann
Instagram: http://instagram.com/janisbrinkmann

28. September 2015

...and work hard now.

 Do your future self a favor and work hard now.

You've got goals, you've got dreams? Do yourself a favor and take care of them. You gotta protect your dreams and goals. You want something in future? Go and get it. Dreams don't just exist to dream them. Dreams are scary, huge goals we have in our minds and it's our responsibility to make them come true. The more and harder you work for your dream the closer you get to achieve it. Dreams are made to give ourself a task, which we have to accomplish. As we get closer to it we get more and more motivated to get there. We work harder and once we made it, we are so proud of ourselves that we look back on our hard work and think: "Yes. You did it. For yourself and your dream."
So set yourself goals and dreams and have fun achieving them. Do it for your dream, yourself and your future self.